Friday, November 10, 2006

Badger Ballot Breakdown III

One thing that I've always argued is that if you want to understand the success of Democrats in Wisconsin, you can't just focus on Milwaukee and Madison. While this is obviously where the most votes are and where Dems run up their margins, I would argue that it is the western part of the state that tells the true story of Democratic state wide success. On Tuesday the Democrats recaptured the state senate, in part by picking up two seats near Eau Claire (the 23rd and 31st).

If you compare these maps with the map showing the governor's results (earlier post), you can see how western Wisconsin is pretty consistently Democratic. It has three Democratic House members (Obey, Kind, Baldwin) and has voted Democratic in the past several presidential elections (Gore in particular can thank this area for his 2000 win in Wisconsin). While the area is heavily rural, there is still very much a Progressive pulse that runs throughout the region.

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