Tuesday, May 13, 2008

West Virginia Primary LIVE Blogging

John and I will be live blogging the results of the West Virginia Primary as they come in tonight. Check in for updates and analysis.

8:10 PM
AP has already called West Virginia. No big surprise. What John and I are most interested in tonight is not so much the WV numbers but the special election in Mississippi's first district. Democrats are hoping to pick up their third consecutive special election in a heavily Republican district. CBMurray

8:58 PM
In MS-1, Travis Childers (D) leads Greg Davis (R) 60-40% with 8% in. If these numbers hold, you might want to stay away from the bottom of bridges if you're anywhere near a Republican party headquarters. Watch out for falling objects. CBMurray

9:20 PM
Tightening in MS. Down to 6 point lead for Childers. 33% in. CBMurray

10:07 PM
Its tied in MS. CBMurray

10:23 PM
AP has called the race for Childers. The Republicans have now lost three straight special elections in heavily Republican districts--Hastert (IL), Baker (LA), Wicker (MS). CBMurray

10:50 PM
Looks like Obama’s strongest county is Jefferson, at the very end of West Virginia’s panhandle. The reason might lie in the fact that Jefferson is booming with DC’s exurbs and voters there are more influenced by that city and Baltimore than Charleston or Wheeling. JVLaB

The New York Times' website has a nice graphic up now that shows that Jefferson County has the highest median income in the state. More evidence that Obama tends to do better as income goes up. CBMurray

11:45 PM
Surprise: Nebraska held its primary tonight, too, but it seems it’s merely a “beauty contest;” the real delegates awarded in months-ago caucuses. Then, Obama cleaned up, clobbering Hillary 2 to 1. Tonight, she fought him to a draw. She’s ahead by a mere 179 votes with 74% counted. No doubt HRC will use this result to bolster it’s argument that primaries are more “democratic.” JVLaB

12:25 AM
Victorious in tonight’s Nebraska Dem U.S. Senate primary is Scott Kleeb, the “rancher-professor” who ran an unexpectedly tough race in NE 03 in ’06, racking up 45% in a CD that Pres. Bush carried by a 74-24% landslide. Kleeb easily beat back self-financed Tony Raimondo, who switched parties to seek the seat. Kleeb may make a once safe R seat competitive. JVLaB

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