Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Tarheel Primary Results First Look

Having gotten a little rest since last night, some first impressions on North Carolina. Here's a nice breakdown of the delegate allocation, with maps. Last week I did a post on the 1st district. We saw last night how its strong showing for Obama helped him pile up his statewide total. The 1st went 63-34% to Obama. Indeed, all indications, at least this morning, point to the role that the black vote played in building Obama's margins. African Americans made up one-third of the electorate and gave 91% of their ballots to Obama. In fact, looking at this map from the North Carolina State Board of Elections, turnout seemed to be quite high in the areas with high numbers of rural blacks--again the 1st district would be a place to point to.

CNN's exit polls are here. While the racial disparity in the voting has been noted, the age divide is equally striking. In fact, with all the talk of the role of race or the blue collar/white collar division being the key variables in explaining vote choice, age may prove to be the more consistent. With large increases in younger voters, Obama has been able to make up for his poor showing among seniors.

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