Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Penn Primary Nite LIVE Blogging

It looks like Obama's strategy to rack up big margins in the affluent Philly suburban counties has been stymied.

10:09 PM:
With 19% reporting. Hillary Clinton is winning Northampton County, home to Lehigh University but also Bethlehem Steel, whose union workers have come out for her. JVLaB

10:24 PM:
As John and I sit here trying to get good numbers, I'm focusing on Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs. In a few of my past posts, I've pointed to Montgomery and Bucks counties as potential boons to Obama's chances--at least in the sense that they could allow him to blunt Clinton's numbers elsewhere across the state. It seems, at least now, as if Obama has underperformed here, especially in Montgomery.

I'm also interested in getting, probably tomorrow, some detailed numbers from the city of Philadelphia. When I do, I'm going to look back at some previous presidential races in Philly and see if we can see some parallels, neighborhood by neighborhood. If you've read my posts going back to the beginning of electiondissection.com, 1968 will be the first place I look. CBMurray

10:34 PM:
Looks like Northampton County's precincts might be starkly split, between university-heavy Obama wins and union-heavy Bethlehem and Allentown. JVLaB

10:40 PM:
McCain is only mustering about 72% against a dormant Huckabee campaign and a meandering Ron Paul. Interesting note: McCain is bringing in that number statewide. No "Pennsyltucky" effect boosting Huckabee's numbers there. JVLaB

10:46 PM:
This story in today's Washington Post gives a nice portrait of a changing Reading, Pennsylvania. Now half Latino, the city finds itself in the midst of transition from what it once was--blue collar, white ethnic--into a place not quite yet defined. As of now, Berks County has gone heavily to Clinton, 58%-42%. CBMurray

10:52 PM:
Clinton clobbering Obama in what many expected to be Obama-favorable Bucks County by a 2 to 1 margin, and in Montgomery County, Clinton is winning by her statwide margin, 54-46%. JVLaB

11:06 PM:
Exit Polls. Obama does better among men. However, the cleavages of age and race remain stark. Also of interest is education. Despite Obama's earlier advantages among the most highly educated, he split with Clinton among those with college and post-graduate degrees. Income also seems to be a bit more murky with Obama doing best among the highest bracket but Clinton doing very well in the 100-150K range. CBMurray

11:14 PM:
Talk about your “bitter” voters! In Centralia, the fabled ghost town where a mere 21 residents still live above a coal mine fire that’s been smoldering for 40 years, Clinton beats Obama by 4 to 1 – votes that is. JVLaB

11:49 PM:
Obama wins Dauphin County, whose seat is heavily Afro-Am Harrisburg, the “Keystone Kapital.” Obama runs away there, but stays competitive in the largely white surrounding townships, especially in more prosperous localities like Swatara, Susquehanna, Lower Paxton and Derry. JVLaB

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