Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Michigan I

Some interesting things coming out of Michigan. On the Democratic side, the fact that only Clinton was on the ballot makes interpreting the results--Clinton vs. "Non committed" somewhat troublesome. Namely, we don't know how this affected turnout. With no delegates at stake and the major candidates not campaigning there, its hard to use the results as a gauge for what a true Michigan Democratic primary would have looked like. Nonetheless, Thomas Edsall's look at the exit polls reveals some interesting things vis a vis Clinton vs. Obama. As in the earlier contests, Clinton does better among the less affluent and the older, Obama better among the younger and more affluent. When it comes to race, Clinton fared very poorly. A bad omen for South Carolina?

Interactive maps for both parties. Note that Clinton lost in Washtenaw county, home of the University of Michigan.

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