Friday, November 10, 2006

Badger Ballot Breakdown II

Here is the exit polling for Wisconsin as reported by CNN. Not much seems to differ from what's been reported about the mood nationwide. In summary:
Doyle got 59% of the self-described "Independent" vote and 51% of the Catholic vote (a big piece of the Wisconsin electorate).

As to the saliency of the war in Iraq, there was an overall 58% disapproval (37% strong disapproval) of the war. Doyle received 85% of this vote. 68% said the war is either "very" or "extremely" important to their vote. I will say that its hard to really gauge the true weight of this issue because the polling doesn't compare Iraq with other issues and come up with a ranking of importance.

There's also been some discussion about the role of Wisconsin's two referenda on the outcome of the governor's race. College towns had big increases in turnout to oppose the gay marriage ban. Doyle was the obvious beneficiary.

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